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About Us

CEVRE TEKNOLOJISI is a medium-sized company specializing in the field of water, wastewater treatment and management for many years. The main activities of the company consist of five different areas:

I- Package Treatment Plants:

Both concrete and steel construction modules are designed, manufactured and constructed for the wastewater control of the communities ranging between 50-10000 PE. An average of 90-95% of plant performance can be achieved under the start-up and operational control guarantees delivered by our qualified technical personnel. These economical and flexible units are generally preferred by the municipalities and customers from small size communities and factories.

Moreover, specially developed and designed steel-made chemical package treatment units are available for the pre-treatment of wastewater generating from textile, heavy metal, agro, food, glass, fiberglass, chemical, petrochemical, paper, pharmaceutical industries and drinking water treatment process.

II-Industrial Wastewater Treatment:

Design, construction, start-up, operation and consultancy services of industrial wastewater treatment plants for mainly textile, heavy metal, agro, food, glass, fiberglass, chemical, petrochemical, paper, pharmaceutical industries. The turn-key plants capacities range between 500- 10.000 cubic meters per day.

III- Municipal Wastewater Treatment:

Design, construction, start-up and operation of the municipal wastewater treatment plants. The turn-key plants capacities can be up to 20.000 cubic meters per day. Moreover, other services such as consultancy, environmental impact assessment works are delivered for various industrial sectors

IV - Membrane Technology

Membrane bioreactor can be considered as being among the most efficient biological effluent treatment systems available. This technology is characterized as being compact in volume, giving a high treatment performance and a discharge free from germs.

Process water recycling and water treatment

The membrane processes that we use such as micro, ultra or nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, are characterized by these high treatment standards

-discharge free from bacteria and suspended solids

-excellent removal of contaminants

The membrane processes are suitable for

- Process water recycling, e.g. for various industries and washing plants

- Drinking water treatment and process water production

V- Recycle and Energy

CEVRE TEKNOLOJISI collaborates in the scope of solid waste management and renewable energy sources by means of obtaining energy from solid wastes with different partners such as esteemed universities and specialized companies.

Thermal treatment processes are suitable for all kinds of solid waste such as municipal and industrial sludge, hospital wastes, biomass, plastics, etc. These wastes are removed by advanced technologies like combustion, pyrolysis and gasification processes and enable efficient energy recovery. All waste heat from thermal treatment can be utilized and combined either heating or power generation.

CEVRE TEKNOLOJISI operates either directly or by means of technology transfer or technical collaboration agreements. Its partners are established companies which lead the market in their respective territories and esteemed universities which create innovative solutions through research& development studies.

CEVRE TEKNOLOJISI does not restrict its activities to the design and construction of complete turn-key plants in many cases; it also operates such plants on behalf of the client. It has therefore acquired a wealth of practical, hands-on experience and know-how and this is reflected in all new designs.


  • Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Drinking water supply and treatment
  • Industrial/process water preparation
  • Water reuse and effluent recycling

Analysis, Research&Development:

CEVRE TEKNOLOJISI’s engineering technology based on years of practical experience and research. They then put forward the most technically and economically efficient solution.

CEVRE TEKNOLOJISI collaborates with different universities and a number of other technological research institutes especially in terms of solid waste management and renewable energy resources. These co-operative arrangements give an added dimension to applications and enable it to come up with the most effective solutions. Existing systems are regularly upgraded in response to the constantly evolving demands which are made upon them.

  • Water Source Investigations & Geohydrology Technique
  • Biosolids and manure treatment
  • Solid waste management/renewable energy sources